Melanie Newcombe

Melanie Newcombe

Melanie grew up in Minnesota on lakes and rivers and has spent her adult life near the ocean. Water is a pervasive theme in her work and she is transfixed by the qualities of water, and her sculptures have the transcendent ability to appear as water - sometimes solid, sometimes translucent, but always reflective.

She is perpetually pushing materials toward innovative structures, with her figurative work featuring layers of aluminum screen wire sewn into human forms. The repetitive lines of the stitching connect a patchwork of wire mesh, arranged to convey a tension among beauty, sensuality and ephemerality. She sees the layers of metal and wood as symbolic for how we as humans are also layers. Like onions we are layers. Like the wire mesh, we are layers. The layers are a metaphor for her of our own layered lives.

She is particularly interested in the relationship between the gods and humans. Growing up in a family of mostly women, she understands the story of women. Her sculptures are goddesses, balancing between the sea, the sky, the earth and the human.

Her most recent abstract pieces are an explorative dance between herself and material. These pieces are more about process than product because she is letting go of the trying and allowing the material to just move with her as she creates out of her intuition.

Melanie has her B.A. in Art Education from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota, with an emphasis in sculpture. She continued her post undergraduate sculpture education at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Melanie is a credentialed teacher with extensive experience teaching art to adults, children, and teens. She has been a founding art teacher for a large public high school as well as taught at several private schools. Since 2013, Melanie has been actively involved in the Los Angeles art scene as an exhibiting artist.

Gabriel Castro

Gabriel Castro

Gabriel Castro, known in the art world simply as “Loneschach”, is a Chilean native-born to a Graphic Designer and an Advertiser. That unholy Union of modern technology, artistic expression, and anticipating the viewer’s needs, combined with a giant collection of music around the house, laid the foundations for his own passion in arts.

Mr. Castro began his training at the (no longer existing) Design High School, an Art Center affiliate, with an interest in concept design and graphic novels. His interest in Fine Arts was piqued during high school, thanks to history classes taught by art historian, Lori Rusch. Craving the regal, traditional styles and training, Gabriel then spent several years studying under renowned artists like Barry Markowitz and Currado Malaspina before attending Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD).

He has traveled in Spain, Germany, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and Italy. Mr. Castro attended The Florence Academy of Art, where he was the first LCAD student to attend their Sculpture department as part of a study abroad program.

While there, he studied under renowned sculptor Robert Bodem for two trimesters before returning to California to finish his bachelor’s degree with LCAD.

Finally, he returned to Florence and studied there one more year.

Currently, he resides in the United States being represented in part by the Dark Art Emporium in Long Beach CA while working on developing his own voice and body of work in both sculpture and painting.